• About us

  • About us
  • We've been busy making lots of practical changes to make it simpler, fairer and easier for you to deal with us.

    We're building a better way to do business, and we believe the changes we are making will improve the energy industry for good.

    We're working hard to give you a better deal. Take a look at how we're doing more for our customers.

  • How many energy firms does it take to change the industry?

    Just one, SSE Scottish Hydro. Because while few have taken a shine to energy companies lately, we’ve been changing things for the better.

    We were the first to stop doorstep selling. First to simplify tariffs. And first to launch our free in-home energy advice service. That makes us different from other energy firms. And it means a brighter future for energy customers.

  • We're shaking up the energy industry

    People are fizzing mad with energy companies. No wonder. But one company's been pouring all its energies into turning things round: SSE Scottish Hydro.

    Our recipe's simple: we treat people the way we'd like to be treated ourselves – that's one of the reasons we've been voted No 1 for customer service by uSwitch eight years running*. Now, we're the first energy supplier to go above and beyond the regulator's Guaranteed Standards and offer our customers our own £20 Service Guarantee**.

  • The energy industry. Now for some positives.

    Energy customers haven't had much to smile about lately. But SSE Scottish Hydro customers have plenty of reasons to be cheerful.

    UK-based call centres, for a start. Committed, highly-trained people there to help save you money and energy. Transparent, easy-to-understand bills. Plus an annual energy review to make sure you're on our best deal. No wonder uSwitch have awarded us No 1 for customer service every year since 2006*.

  • We're changing energy for good.

    Energy companies have been the baddies for some time now. But one company's on a mission to change things for good: SSE Scottish Hydro.

    As part of our four million pound daily investment in infrastructure, we've been pioneering renewable energy for decades – wind, wave, hydro and solar. And while some people spout nothing but hot air, we generate more renewable energy than anyone else in the UK and Ireland^. Our goal? That one day, all our electricity will be generated as cheaply as possible, right here.

  • We haven't said a lot. It doesn't mean we haven't been busy.

    The energy industry has come in for some stinging criticism lately, some of it fair. But while the industry's been making negative headlines, we're making positive changes.

    We were the first to stop doorstep selling, launch a customer charter and simplify tariffs. We generate more renewable energy than anyone else in the UK and Ireland^. Now, we're the first energy supplier to go above and beyond the regulator's Guaranteed Standards and offer our customers our own £20 Service Guarantee**.

    We might not shout about it from the rooftops but here at SSE Scottish Hydro, we're a hive of activity.

  • *SSE Scottish Hydro is a trading name of SSE Energy Supply Limited, voted Best for Customer Service every year since 2006 in the uSwitch Customer Satisfaction Reports.
    **We will consider claims made under this Guarantee and determine their validity. Claim considered where: (i) customer provided and will continue to provide relevant and required information; (ii) claim is made within 10 working days of alleged failure; (iii) the claimant is an existing customer; (iv) the alleged failure was not outside our control; (v) a goodwill payment has not already been awarded to the customer in relation to the same incident. Although we will endeavour to find ways to help the customer save money and offer support (if sought), we cannot be held liable if savings are not made or if a product, discount, tariff , deal, service or form of assistance was/is not available or if it was/is deemed inappropriate to review such matters. £20 discount is a goodwill payment and will be applied to customer accounts or meters as appropriate or applicable. If the customer has more than one account with us the discount will be applied to an account at our discretion. Cash payments may be made at our discretion. We reserve the right to alter, amend or withdraw this Guarantee without prior notice.
    ^"We" means the SSE Group, of which SSE Energy Supply Ltd and SSE Generation Ltd are members. SSE Generation Ltd generates more renewable electricity than any other energy company in the UK. Based on installed capacity – see SSE Annual Report 2012 (May 2012) and Digest of United Kingdom energy Statistics.